Keith - Jeremy, SMThank you for visiting! It’s an honor to partner together with Christ as servants in His church.

In over thirty years of mentoring, training, and consulting leaders, I’ve seen numerous organization and business leaders move toward healthy relationships and Christ-centered productivity. Even many organizations on the brink of failure found a steady path back to life and growth after adopting Presence-Based Leadership principles. I delight to coach leaders and their teams to successfully embrace the culture of living and leading from the presence of Christ.

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Teaching the Word Ministries, provides Christ-centered, relationship-oriented consultation to leaders of business, non-profits, or congregations—prayerfully discerned and customized according to Christ’s wisdom and direction for your life, leadership team, and/or organization. We interrelate all aspects of your life to empower your leadership.

Mastering the Art of PBL

Keith’s newest book:
Mastering the Art of Presence-Based Leadership

You know the theology of Christ-like leadership;
now partner with Christ—real time!—in the practice of it.